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Örnek Hazneleri ( Funnel ) – Sitosantrifüj


Geniş Hacimli Örnek Haznesi – Mega CytoSep™ Funnels


Küçük Hacimli Örnek Haznesi ( Çiftli ) – Double CytoSep™ Funnels


Küçük Hacimli Örnek Haznesi – Single CytoSep™ Funnels


Sitosantrifüj Cihazı ( PrO-Cyt Series )


Örnek Hazneleri ( Funnel ) – Sitosantrifüj

The Simport® ALL PLASTIC CytoSep™ MEGA Funnel provides an easy, efficient and cost effective method of producing high quality thin-layer slide preparations.

It eliminates the need for stainless steel slide clips, offering laboratory workflow improvements. It is dedicated for convenient preparation of larger volume samples.

This larger funnel is quick and easy to remove. The large rectangular cell deposition area of 22 x 14.75 mm (325 mm square) provides for up to 12 times the sample volume (6 ml) of the single CytoSep™ Cytology Funnel. It produces more cost-effective thin layer preparations when compared to other thin layer methods. Strategically placed baffles inhibit cell settling which results in uniform cell deposition and excellent quality slide preparations. Simport® ALL PLASTIC CytoSep™ Cytology MEGA Funnel and Cap minimize user exposure to pathogens while reducing the risk of specimen cross-contamination. Can prepare both air-dried and fixed preparations.

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