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Hücre Bloğu – CytoFoam (Core)

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CytoFoam (Core)-2

‘FNA — Process Sequence’

 Kullanım Şekli

CytoFoam (Core)-Resimli Anlatım A:  The FNA foam residue device, CytoFoam Core, consists of a core of absorbent foam housed in a Luer type plastic adapter.


 B & C: A needle is attached to one end and, if a suction FNA technique is to be used, a syringe may be attached to the other end.


D: During the FNA procedure the assembly should be held by the needle hub, or should be connected to a syringe if a suction FNA technique is to be used.


E: The sample is absorbed into the tip of the foam core. Once the FNA sample has been collected the blue Luer type plastic housing should be separated from the needle.

F: The foam core must be protected by fitting the plastic guard cap (supplied) over the tip before formalin fixing for at least 6 hours — refer to user instructions for full requirements.

G: After formalin fixation the core is pulled from the adapter, wrapped in processing paper, paraffin processed and sectioned in the usual way.


H: An H&E stained section showing tumour cells within the CytoFoam Core.



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